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  • Build an audience of 159,000+ followers
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  • Become a TOP VOICE on LinkedIn
  • Number 5 on the global Top 200 most influential people on LinkedIn
  • Build a lean profitable online company with 5-30 inbound leads per day
  • Build organic pipeline
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In this 1:1 you will learn how to build your personal brand on LinkedIn.

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In this program you will work 1:1 with me and learn the exact strategy I use daily to become a Top Voice, rank #5 worldwide, and build my own audience on LinkedIn from 6,000-159,000+ followers.

How to build an audience, drive traffic and convert to inbound and revenue.

Learn how to become a thought leader and build organic pipeline

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After completing the personal branding program, work with me for 6 months to build and grow your personal brand. Reach out for more info.


Mac Reddin

CEO & founder @ Commsor

Hanna is incredible - not only is she a total joy to talk to, she's been an incredible resource in helping me brainstorm and build a strategy to be more intentional and active on LinkedIn. Best hypewoman ever.
Martin Weibull

CEO @ Intelliplan

Hanna Larsson is so much more than a LinkedIn success story and LinkedIn expert. She is truly committed to her clients! Her competence and engagement level are through the roof. She makes you feel like you're her top priority. Hanna really wants you to succeed with your goals.
I'm impressed with her ability to offer on-the-spot coaching. Hanna's real-time feedback and guidance have been invaluable. She knows what works and communicates this in an easy and digestible way. Her coaching sessions, slide decks, instructions and coaching have made a significant difference in how I approach LinkedIn. It has given me a great understanding of what works and why and how to craft my strategy to reach my goals.
Hanna practices what she teaches, and her dedication and ability to inspire and coach are what sets her apart.
If you're serious about stepping up your LinkedIn game, Hanna is the way to go.
Nataly Kelly

CMO at Zappi | Former HubSpot VP International

I absolutely love working with Hanna! She is a phenomenal partner and collaborator. Her advice is always clear, concise, and actionable. She gives you the specifics you need and also the encouragement to take action and drive results over the long term. After working with her individually, I recommended her to my company for group training too. She's wonderful!
Edvin Vosylius

CEO & Founder @ HEMES

Hanna's achievement on Linkedin caught my interest. Therefore I decided to sign up for a personal branding course to understand LinkedIn's strategies. Hanna was encouraging throughout the lessons and shared all the newest techniques. What I liked the most, was that Hanna kept a close connection after the sessions. She provided feedback, advised on the initial posts, and offered ideas for content.
I've already started a newsletter and grown my fan base. I would only be liking other people's posts if it weren't for this course.
Marilia Bognandi

Personal Branding Photographer
@ Bognandi Photography

This was the kick in the butt I needed to kickstart my personal branding on LinkedIn. Hanna is super fun to work with, and your biggest cheerleader. Looking forward to work with her again!
Jad Jaber

CEO & Partner @ Sigma Cylinders

Working with Hanna Larsson on the Personal Branding Program has been an absolute game-changer for me. The program was incredibly well-structured, with clear steps and actionable advice that helped me to develop my Personal Branding in a way that felt authentic to me. Hanna was always there to offer guidance and support when I needed it, and I felt like she genuinely cared about my success.
Waldemar Zimmer

Founder @ Custom Coaching Solutions

I joined Hanna's 1:1 personal branding program and I did not regret it! Hanna shared her precious experience with me and provided me important insights on how to build my personal brand on LinkedIn. Hanna was extremely supportive during the entire program and I can tell she is genuinely interested in helping people and want to see them succeed!
Elaine Robin

MD @ EROBIN Consultancy

Hanna is an amazing asset that helps educate and support building a personal brand.
I am a new entrepreneur who needed guidance on how to promote my brand and build a following. Hanna guided me as an individual to audit my profile and tips to promote my business and offer expert guidance and be more visible.
Also she provides ongoing support and guidance too to steer you in the right direction.
Her knowledge is second to none on the Linkedin platform and I would highly recommend her services!
Sladjan Bogojević

CEO & founder @ Talent Embassy

I have been consistently impressed by Hanna's knowledge and insights, and I am grateful for all of the help and guidance she has provided. Every conversation I have had with Hanna is extremely valuable.
Henning Heesen

CEO & founder @ Henning Heesen & Company‎

As one of the most successful influencers on Linkedin, Hanna teaches and advises from direct experience, which makes it easy to embrace. She is extremly driven and has an entrepreneurial mindset that inspires to take immediate action. Her tips convert to more reach and likes from the first day on. I can recommand Hanna to everyone who wants to get results fast.
Anna-Lisa Natchev

CRO @ Sensire

Ready to level up your LinkedIn game and turn your network into revenue? Take Hanna's Personal Branding Program and unleash your inner boss.
Oscar Meivert

CEO & Partner @ Sysarb

Collaborating with Hanna Larsson on the Personal Branding Program was a transformative experience. The program's structure was clear and practical, helping me develop a personal brand that truly reflects who I am. Hanna's guidance was invaluable; she was more than a mentor, genuinely invested in my success. This journey with her has been eye-opening, revealing the true potential of personal branding.
Milana Martinovic

CEO & founder @ OnsiteHub

Working with Hanna was not only insightful, professional and gamechanging for my LinkedIn presence, but also a blast. Hanna is definitely one of a kind and what's most striking about her coaching method is that she genuinely cares about the people she works with. Always there, always happy to help with a piece of advice and to push you forward.
Fredrik Blyckert

CEO & founder @ Igknight Consulting Group

Hanna has been an energy boost of magnitude. The guidance provided and the knowledge she has on building a personal brand on LinkedIn is amazing. She will give you the toolbox of how to build a personal brand effectively and push you to deliver. A learning for me has been that I have to be committed to execute to make things happens according to the playbook Hanna provides.  Working with Hanna has given me a solid foundation to stand on to take the next step in building my personal brand.
Ksenia Votinova Arnaud

Serial tech entrepreneur

Working with Hanna is what got me started on building my personal brand on LinkedIn. She opened my eyes on why my content was not performing and shared her invaluable advice and method to turn it all around. Her program and her support were invaluable in building my own audience and voice on LinkedIn, and I’m so happy I got this chance to work with her.
Sven Oliver Heck

CEO & Founder @ UltraVision Consult

Hanna is pure 🔥 and she introduced me to the world of LinkedIn Influencing in a flash. I had been thinking about posting for years, but always found reasons not to. A mixture of overwhelm and ignorance. When I stumbled across one of Hanna's posts, I immediately felt that I wanted to be guided by her - she really moves people into new ways of thinking and acting. Working with Hanna is amazing, she is fully committed, super supportive and has helped me 'get the idea' of building a strong personal brand. And she introduced me to the power of building great relationships on LinkedIn. Now it is time to get my message out there. I highly recommend working with her!
Barbara Turley

CEO & founder @ The Virtual Hub

Hanna is exceptional to work with. Her ability to focus on the things that matter and drive strategy are extremely valuable. She just gets the startup to scale up journey!
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