Work 1:1 with Hanna and her team, and learn how to build an audience on LinkedIn and monetise your traffic to fuel your company.  

The agenda

This is what we go through in the program.

1st call

Your goal, content & formats

We are living in the attention economy - what does that mean and how can you leverage from it?
We focus on defining what you want to achieve with posting on LinkedIn
Identify the spectrum of your target audience and positioning
We cover profile audit, hashtags, frequency and brand pillars
We take a look at different content, formats and their purpose
How to become a thought leader on LinkedIn
You will get a home work until our next session and you can reach out for support between calls

2nd call

Tactics & best practices

Content that works best on LinkedIn
Dos and Don’ts
The content flywheel
The components of viral content and what we can learn from it
Examples of content (formats) that works on LinkedIn that you can tailor and use for your content
All of my best practices & how I built an audience from 6k to 102k in 670 days with 60 million+ impressions
How to build your system
How to stand out from the crowd
How to succeed when most people give up
After this call you will start creating your own content

3rd call

Evaluate & improve

After 7-8 weeks, we look at your posts together
What went well, what can be improved and what should you do more of
We go through how you can use data and analytics on LinkedIn
We address any questions you might have
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