HUNTRS by Hanna Larsson

If you are a builder, leader, founder, or want to become one, you might enjoy the Huntrs newsletter.
It's about content-led growth, building lean teams, efficient and profitable growth, working from anywhere, mindset, and building audience.
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Promote your business by sponsoring HUNTRS by Hanna Larsson and get your brand in front of founders, builders, and leaders from startups to scale-ups to Fortune 500 companies. All with one common interest; building revenue growth and how to go to market the NEW way. 
Reach: 2,200+ people around the world 
Top locations: USA 46.26 % and UK 21.16 %
Frequency: The newsletter is published weekly on Fridays
Open rate: 55.24 %
Click-through rate (CTR): 6.74 %

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