Work 1:1 with us and learn the exact strategy Hanna Larsson used to build 99,000+ followers on LinkedIn and 60 million+ impressions, during 670 days, that converts 5-22 inbound leads per day. You will learn how to fuel business growth through your audience.

Here's 4 ways we can help šŸ‘‡

Fuel business growth through your audience

Convert traffic into inbound leads & revenueĀ 

Audience is a cheat code to building a company and monetizing your skills and knowledge.

Your LinkedIn profile is where your content converts to business.

Grab this step-by-step guide onĀ How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Landing Page.

We can also revamp your profile for you. We do this for individuals and leadership teams.Ā 

Personal branding program

3 calls spanning 5 hours where you will beĀ working 1:1 with me and learn the exact strategy I used to build my brand on LinkedIn from 6,000-97,000+ followers in 670 days. How to build an audience, drive traffic and convert to leads and revenue.


Personal branding programĀ PREMIUM

Continue working with me after the personal branding program. Reach out for more info.



CEO @ founder @ Commsor

Hanna is incredible - not only is she a total joy to talk to, she's been an incredible resource in helping me brainstorm and build a strategy to be more intentional and active on LinkedIn. Best hypewoman ever.

CEO @ founder @ The Virtual Hub

Hanna is exceptional to work with. Her ability to focus on the things that matter and drive strategy are extremely valuable. She just gets the startup to scale up journey!

CEO @ Partner @ Sigma Cylinders

Working with Hanna Larsson on the Personal Branding Program has been an absolute game-changer for me. The program was incredibly well-structured, with clear steps and actionable advice that helped me to develop my Personal Branding in a way that felt authentic to me. Hanna was always there to offer guidance and support when I needed it, and I felt like she genuinely cared about my success.
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