How we build startups and how we go to market has changed. 
Are you adapting or are you getting left behind?

The old way

→ Paid ads

→ Hire, hire, hire

→ Growth at all costs

→ Inefficient spray and pray

→ Spend like there's no tomorrow

The new way

→ Content-led

→ Ecosystem focus

→ Smart partnerships

→ Reinvent outbound

→ Small & personal events

→ Leverage AI & automation

→ Efficient profitable growth

→ Human and non scalable actions

→ Build community around your brand

→ Experiment with content on social media

→ Build a lean team: a mix of FTE + freelancers

→ Founders & C-levels building personal brands

How we can help you


Book a consultation call (paid) with Hanna Larsson - 250 EUR ex VAT

Things we can advise on:

  • Go-to-market strategy for your company

  • How to build demand, increase inbound leads & how to find more customers

  • Growth and scaling strategies

  • Personalised outbound

  • Building lean

  • Founder-led growth on social media

  • Content strategy for social

  • How to build & lead a high-performing team

  • Audience building frameworks to fuel revenue growth

  • Build a scalable and repeatable sales process and business model

  • How to scale up a startup

  • Build & foster a relentless focus on the customer, the team, speed & execution


We provide businesses with experienced sales talent for fractional sales and sales operations.

This is how we can help:

  • Sales coaching

  • Outbound sales

  • setup

  • Data migration to Hubspot

  • End-to-end funnel planning

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Sales performance tracking

  • Lead generation management

  • Commissions & target planning

  • Reporting (business, sales, marketing)

  • Managing integrations & related processes

  • Implementing Hubspot (Sales, Marketing, Service Hub)


We help you find a GTM advisor with the right experience.

A GTM advisor will be able to give you actionable advice on go-to-market, sales training, growth and scaling strategies, building and leading high-performing teams. 


Lars-Henrik Friis Molin

CEO & founder @ Talent Venture Group & Future Talent Council

Huntrs has been a valuable contributor to our journey at the Future Talent Council. Their strategic insights and hands-on approach played a key role in initiating our social media marketing strategy and establishing a more solid brand presence. Furthermore, they have delivered consultants within sales ops, sales enablement, and go-to-market advisory as well as recruitment services. They also helped us structure and manage our go-to-market projects. I recommend their services to those seeking effective brand development, engagement, and go-to-market.
Molly Johnson-Jones

CEO & co-founder @ Flexa Careers

Working with Hanna over the past few months has been brilliant. Whether it’s talking through GTM strategy, through to the finer details of commission structures for sales teams, Hanna has come with tons of knowledge, insight, and enthusiasm to help us grow. She’s like a sales therapist for founders.
Caspar Hardholt

CEO & founder @ Alumio

Hanna helps us by sharing her knowledge and experiences from past roles about fast-growing companies like Alumio. Her advice is hands-on, well thought, and in depth. She’s a kind person and collaborating with her helps us going faster and to avoid common pitfalls.
Mauritz Faber

Founder @ Avixoo Aviation

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Hanna Larsson, and I must say it was an absolutely fantastic experience. What impressed me the most was her genuine interest in understanding my business and its unique challenges before offering any advice. I truly appreciated her ability to strike a balance between offering constructive criticism and highlighting the strengths of my business. It was refreshing to speak with someone who genuinely cared about helping me succeed.
Sladjan Bogojević

CEO & founder @ Talent Embassy

I have been consistently impressed by Hanna's knowledge and insights, and I am grateful for all of the help and guidance she has provided. Every conversation I have had with Hanna is extremely valuable.
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